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Here my The 3 Week Diet review!

I have tried this diet twice and I finally decide to write my personal review about The 3 Week Diet plan and about my results and let you know what I think about it.

How The 3 Week Diet Helped Me Lose 37 Lbs After 2 Rounds.

My worst nightmare had come true, I had gagnied 40 lbs and I seemed like a SLOB. I didn’t feel confident with myself and all I wanted to do was lock myself in a room and never come out. I was fat, unhealthy, I just felt like crap all the time and I felt also ashamed for letting myself get like this.

The time had come to definitely lose weight. I thought this was the come to life call which I needed.

So, while my kids were played like a crazy, I started searching online the most up-to-date methods to lose weight. I have read all night long about this and only made me feel much more confused. What I really needed was a system, a healthy diet program. And just while I was ready to quit and go to sleep I saw an advertisement for The 3 Week Diet plan.

The 3 Week Diet review
I was intrigued
by the proposal but still suspicious.

Many slimming programs promise to lose weight fast but then they do not keep their expectations.

However I needed to act quickly and so I made a decision to buy it.
It had a full money back guarantee too so in case it sucked I was able to obtain a refund.

So for the next couple of hours I study through the entire diet plan.
I was able to absolutely learn how it would help me to lose weight.

The 3 week diet is exactly about reducing weight fast and this means a healthy diet, workout and cutting your calories. It gives you a strategy and shows you step by step what do do.

This is exactly what I wanted. I needed to be told exactly what to do.

The following day I started DAY 1 of The 3 Week Diet plan.

No reason to procrastinating.

The following 3 weeks were a bit of a fight, I won’t lie. I was able to finish every one of the workout routines. They only last approximately 20 minutes so I was able squeeze them into my day time. The main problem I had was following the diet plan and decreasing my calories. Any time you reduce your calories this tends to leave you with less energy. Therefore I snacked a couple of times, mainly when I needed some energy to really get some work done.

Still, I was focused and motivated and I was able to continue with the diet plan pretty good. Before I realized it the 3 weeks have passed and it was time to weigh myself. I was able to already see that I had lost weight simply by looking in the mirror.

But how much?

I was 171 pounds when I started.
Now I was happily surprised to see the numbers 154 pounds on my old digital scales.

The 3 week diet had helped me lose 17 pounds.

I was so HAPPY!

But I wasn’t done yet though. I still had more weight to lose.
So, call me crazy, I restarted the 3 Week Diet plan.

Round 2 actually went much better than the first and I actually lost 19 pounds. That’s almost 1 pound per day!

before-after the 3 week diet planTHAT’S ME, BEFORE AND AFTER THE 3 WEEK DIET!

Everyone around me were shocked at how fast I was losing weight.

Thanks to the 3 Week Diet I lost 37 pounds in just 6 weeks.

That sounds crazy doesn’t it?
I almost can’t believe it myself but, trust me, it’s all true.

I just feel like the 3 week diet has changed my life so I wanted to share my story with you.

Ever since I’ve lost weight I’ve got so much more confidence and a lot more energy and I can finally wear nice clothes again.

I look and feel healthier as well. So I’m sharing my story here because I hope it motivates you to lose weight too.

Trust me, give The 3 Week Diet plan a chance, read the introduction manual of the 3 Week Diet for free here: The 3 Week Diet PDF

download free The 3 Week Diet PDF

If I could do it, you can too! No doubt.

So, what is this 3 Week Diet program?

The 3 Week Diet is a weight loss plan that is aimed towards losing plenty of body weight within a period of 21 days.

One of the most prominent reasons behind the failure of most dieting plans is their long duration before the results are visible. Hence, quicker results are sure to help you burn fat as quick as possible, and also benefit you in obtaining that lean body that you always desired.

This program not only helps you to lose the excessive fat and weight in your body, but also provides the necessary methods to sustain that weight loss. You can also continue this process beyond the three weeks to lose as much weight as you desire, thus maintaining a great overall health.

What does this program comprise of?

The 3 Week Diet program comprises of a total of four manuals. They have been discussed below.

The Introduction Manual

This manual basically focuses on explaining the reasons behind the accumulation of fat within the body, and the science the works in making this program effecting in countering those effects. The content of this manual also informs you about the things that you need to do as well as things you should avoid during the program. You will also be informed of some supplements that will help you accelerate the process.

The Diet Plan Manual

This manual lays down the complete list of food items that you can and should consume during and after the program, while also laying out a list of food items that you must avoid at all times. You will also be informed of when to eat and what to eat during those times.

Hence, you will learn about the valuable food items and their exact quantities that will help you to obtain the benefits of this program. You will also find a section in this manual that will help you learn how to prevent the regain of the weight lost during the 3-week period.

The Exercise and Workout Manual

This manual lays out the details of all the exercise routines that you need to do in order to reduce your body fat. Not only does it tell you what exercises to do, but also the number of times you need to do each exercise every day so that you can get the best impacts of the program.

The Motivation Manual

This portion of the program helps to keep you motivated and rejuvenates your willpower when you are have a bad day, and lose the enthusiasm. This will also help you overcome your cravings for the many food items that may be tasty and delicious, but will contradict and reverse the effects of the program.

There are also a few bonuses with the program that will help you to enhance the effects and get beneficial results out of the program. There is also an option to personally interact with the creator of this program, Brian Flatt, in case you are in need of some personal coaching and attention.

The various phases of this diet plan

There are four different and integral phases of this program that work cumulatively towards helping you lose weight.

Phase 1 – This phase mostly focuses on the detoxification and proper cleansing of the liver, the organ that pumps fat into the body. Hence, the diet recommended in this phase is mostly comprised of Vitamins A, C and D. These Vitamins help to detoxify the liver and increase the insulin content of the body, burning large quantities of fat in the process.

The diet program within this phase comprises of a total of 17 vegetable items along with 6 food items for regular protein intake. It is important for you to strictly adhere to this diet chart for a total of 7 days. During these seven days, you will witness a majority of the weight loss, with many people even recording a weight loss of at least 10 to 15 pounds.

This phase mostly focuses on the detoxification and proper cleansing of the liver, the organ that pumps fat into the body. Hence, the diet recommended in this phase is mostly comprised of Vitamins A, C and D. These Vitamins help to detoxify the liver and increase the insulin content of the body, burning large quantities of fat in the process.

The diet program within this phase comprises of a total of 17 vegetable items along with 6 food items for regular protein intake. It is important for you to strictly adhere to this diet chart for a total of 7 days. During these seven days, you will witness a majority of the weight loss, with many people even recording a weight loss of at least 10 to 15 pounds.

Phase 2 – After the first seven days of the program, we move to Phase 2, which is basically a fasting process. In this phase, all you need to do is fast for a single day after Phase 1. So, you cannot consume any food item after your dinner on the Day 7 until your dinner on Day 8.

This fasting for a 24-hour period will ensure that your body and your liver is cleansed properly in order to create an environment where fat burning can take place with greater efficiency. Beyond this phase, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of consuming a wide variety of food items as long as you can keep a check on the total amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Phase 3 – We now move to Phase 3, which comprises of days 9-12 of the program. During this phase, which is also known as the “Fat Fast” phase, your body will continue to improve the efficiency of the functioning of the liver while also burning stored fat in your body. This fat burning process happens at a rapid pace, causing your belly and the hip regions to lose a lot of fat.

Phase 4 – The last phase comprises of the remainder of the 9 days of the program. During this phase, you will learn how to calculate the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate of your body, and consume a diet according to that calculation. The calculation of the BMR of your body will help you understand exactly how many calories you should intake to avoid the condensation of fat within your body.

This calculation will also help you to consume just the right amounts of calories to perform your daily functions without causing any issues. Hence, your body will not accumulate excessive fat, while the already present fat in the body is being burned.

This program not only focuses on the reduction of fat content in the belly and the hip region, but also other parts of the body such as the thighs, lower back, buttocks and several others. Hence, this program not only helps you to burn the excessive fat content stored in various parts of the body, but also prevent the accumulation of fresh fat content in the body.

The best aspect of this program is that you will be able to find a detailed account of every activity that you must carry out over the course of the three weeks. It is all laid out in a step-by-step procedure for you to follow with sufficient ease. Hence, you will find very little difficulty in the following the procedure.

The program also lays great emphasis on exercise.

Most such diet plans or weight loss programs claim to help you reduce fat and body weight through some miraculous procedure that does not require you to exercise of follow a strict food habit. Hence, they often sound too good to be true and users are often conned to pay for something that is of no help to them at all. However, this program is very much different from such “miraculous” programs.

In fact, this program lays a great deal of emphasis on exercises, and informs you thus at the very beginning. There are a number of exercises that can help you to burn body fat, and many of those exercises are also included in this program. Why then do you need this program, I hear you ask.

Well, the diet plan detailed in this program simply acts with the exercises to burn the fat content in the body at a faster rate than normal, causing you to lose more fat and body weight within the 21-day period. You need to do some intense workouts for 20-30 minutes every day, instead of doing long and ineffective workout routines.

The exercises in the program comprise of resistance training methods instead of cardio-based exercises as the former helps to burn almost twice the fat content. Hence, the program comprises of simple, but intense workouts such as squats, pushups, etc., and is more effective with regards to the burning of fat in your body.

Moreover, the exercises included in this program are also meant to focus on each area of the body that stores fat, so that each and every ounce of fat stored in the body can be burned and transformed to muscles.

The mindset and motivational part of the program

The last part of the program comprises of a mental program that will keep you motivated throughout and beyond the three weeks. There are many people who believe that weight loss programs are all about following the proper diet and doing the right kinds of exercises.

There are also a few people who start such programs with great enthusiasm, but lose steam midway. This mental and motivational aspect of the program will help you keep at it despite the hardships of having to restrict yourself from the cravings of tasty, but harmful food items as well as the rigorous exercises.

The motivation manual of the program has duration of only 20 seconds. So, every time you have even a remote feeling of giving up on the program, you can go back to this manual and rejuvenate yourself within 20 seconds. There are also numerous useful tips in this manual that will help you to adhere to the food guide and prevent you from giving in to the temptation of a packet of chips, a box of chocolates or other such cravings.

Weight loss is not just getting the right shape. Many of you make the very common mistake of associating weight loss with getting the right body shape. However, weight loss is not just limited to the reduction of excessive body fat.

In fact, a major aspect of weight loss comprises of maintaining a good physical health as well as the mental aspect of your body. You need to feel good about the state of your body as well as your physical health, and this program is also focused on that mental aspect.

With the help of this program, you will also be able to feel more energized and enthusiastic about the various ways of your daily life. You will also develop a healthy skin that will make you feel healthy and look glamorous.

This glamour will help you a great deal in your personal, professional and social life as people will be more accepting towards you. You will experience a boost in your confidence and this will help you overcome every obstacle in your path.

Losing body fat within a short period of time can be great, but if it accompanies with a boost in your confidence levels as well as your physical and mental health, you certainly have hit the jackpot!

Who can really benefit from this program?

Well, everybody! Any person with the desire to lose the excessive body fat within a quick span of time can utilize the benefits of this program for their gain. You must, however, have the willpower to get through this program without giving up at any point.

benefit of The 3 Week Diet plan

You should not use this diet plan for the wrong reasons. If you already have a slim body with almost zero fat, this program will not benefit you much. This is not one of those programs that will help you to miraculously grow muscles out of nowhere.

Moreover, if you already have a medically supervised diet prescribed to you for any health condition, it is important that you consult your doctor before going through this program.

This program also comprises of a “Detox” phase, where you would need to consume certain quantities of eggs. Hence, if you are a vegan, you might face certain challenges during this phase.

The 3 Week Diet Program – Pros and Cons

Let us now take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this program.


The exercises and food items laid out in this program can be easily carried out within the comforts of your home. You do not necessarily need to visit a gym or source food items that are hard to locate. Even a small area within your house is enough to carry out the exercises laid out in this program.

The program is available in the form of an EBook with simple and detailed instructions about each aspect. The language used in the program is very simple and easy to understand.

The best aspect of this program is that it offers quick results. I mean, only 21 days, and you will be able to see the results for yourself. It does not require the patience and endurance that most other such programs require as they are often 90-day or more.

The program offers a systematic approach to dieting and weight loss, and covers all the related areas. Most diet programs simply tell you what to eat and what not to eat, while there are exercise programs that show you the exercise routines to lose weight. However, this is a single program that brings together the two components to help you achieve faster results.

This program is not just another such program with new packaging. This is, in fact, a new system put together to offer great weight reduction benefits for you.

The food items used in the program are easily available in any local grocery store and the exercise routines do not take hours to complete. This program is a easy and quick guide to help you lose excessive body fat without you having to spend a major part of your daily life behind it.

The only question that really matters with such programs is whether they are effective or not, and this program actually delivers on the promises that it makes. There have been several cases where the results have been positive, with almost all users having substantial weight loss post use.

The creator of the program has offered a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions being asked in case the program is unable to deliver results. This is a great option on a program that promises to deliver results in less than half that time.

Hence, as it can be seen, there are a large number of beneficial advantages of this program that you can use in your efforts to reduce body fat and weight. Let us now take a look at the disadvantages of the program.


Although the instructions of the program are fairly easy to apprehend, you will not find any videos that demonstrate the methods to you. Hence, you will have to understand the exercise routines using the instructions.

You have to deal with a 24-hour fast period on the 8th day, where you cannot consume any food item at all. However, if you are sincere enough in regards to your attempts at losing weight, this one day of fasting may not be very inconvenient to you. Moreover, fasting on a regular basis is also considered to be healthy for the body as it helps to cleanse the body and enhance the immune system.

The program does not recommend any extra weight reduction or fat burning supplements. In fact, you will be able to observe great results without any supplements at all.

Although the exercises included in the program are very basic and can be performed within your house, you will still need some equipment. You will need some weights as well as a workout bench in order to perform these exercises.

The program encourages the consumption of caffeine, which may have potential harmful side-effects on your health.


I have been working with many weight reduction programs in the past, trying to get in shape. However, I have always been faced with failure and lots of frustration.

Thankfully, The 3 Week Diet plan has been able to help me with my weight reduction efforts. It has just not helped me with my efforts, but has produced some amazing results! I do not see any way it will not do the same for you.

So, if you are looking to reduce your body fat and shed some weight, this diet plan can prove to be very handy for you.

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