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Do you want to know how to detox your body to lose weight? You are in the right place!

This blog post is all about the importance of detox your body in order to get rid of toxins and extra pounds. A great detox action is the first step to look better and feel better, all in one! I can guarantee it, I’ve tried it myself!

After a bad period for my son’s life (and so for me too) I decided to start my route of restoration detoxing my body and the results were great.

So, with no further ado, let’s see together how to detox your body to lose weight.

Why it is so important to cleanse and detox your body to lose weight and how to do it

I made some research and it showed up that in order to lose weight you should start cleansing with a detox plan.

It’s like a basic first step to prepare your body to lose weight in a safe and healthy way rebalancing your entire body system.

Before embarking on a weight loss course, it is best to purify a fund by starting a diet from alcohol, simple sugars, hydrogenated fats, sale, preserved food, cured meats, aged cheeses, refined flours.

Before starting a slimming or deflating diet, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the body in order to lose weight faster and healthier. Thanks to some natural detox remedies, in fact, it is possible to get rid of accumulated toxins and also give yourself a brighter skin too!

Relying on some natural remedies is a must to get back on track without harmful ingredients and remedies.

If the overweight is related to widespread swelling and water retention, it can act naturally on the lymphatic circulation facilitating the drainage of toxins and excess fluids.

Toxins are accumulated above all in the liver: an unbalanced diet is sufficient, as is an excess of alcohol, fats and sugars. The liver is easily poisoned and before starting any weight loss diet it is important to purify it.

One of the first organs which need to be detoxified, before the weight loss diet, is the intestine. Here, in fact, numerous toxins accumulate, especially if there is a state of chronic constipation. When the intestine is sluggish, before the weight loss diet it is better to regularize it by taking some natural remedies that increase its functions.

Alongside this type of sweet care, it is recommended to increase both the intake of liquids (water, unsweetened teas) and the intake of fiber.

I have to admit I drank so little when I decided to start a weight loss journey and I suffered from constipation and water retention so I definitely needed some natural and liquid help to drink more and start boosting my body from its basic functions so it would be ready to respond to my weight loss journey properly and in an effective way.

The red tea detox as my number one ally to cleanse my body

Get Your Detoxed Body
When I found out about The Red Tea Detox program I freaked out about it as it really seemed to be the answer I was looking for to start cleansing.

But, wait for a second and make some step back. what is red tea? Let me explain this to you all!

The rooibos, also known as African red tea, is an infusion made from the leaves of the homonymous plant. Unlike black tea and green tea, rooibos is naturally caffeine-free. In addition, its tannin content is very low and this allows the drink to maintain its sweet taste even if it is not consumed immediately or if you forget it as an infusion.

The rooibos is characterized by the presence of natural substances important for the body, such as vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and calcium. The antioxidant content of rooibos is equal to that of black tea and green tea.

At one hour from the ingestion of rooibos in our body, there is a significant growth of substances suitable to act against the formation of free radicals. This makes the rooibos a completely natural elixir of life, also suitable for those who are sensitive to the side effects of caffeine.

I loved the fact that this tea is so powerful but, at the same time, so natural and caffeine-free.

The red tea detox program was amazing to follow up.

The Red Tea Detox ProgramIt was all about nutrition, workout and mindset but starting from cleansing your body with red tea. The fact that this was just the beginning of a new journey was so exciting and really helped me to learn something more about my body and how it reacts to what we drink and eat on a daily basis too.

From the moment I started the cleansing, I felt so much better, lighter and cleaner.

You know what I mean?

I felt like I was freeing myself from all the things didn’t serve anymore to open up to brand new healthy lifestyle and habits.

Check this out and discover what else red tea detox can bring to your body and your life!


The red tea detox is a wonderful way to keep things healthy and natural while starting to work on your body from a deeper level and dimension. I hope you found this blog post interesting and useful even if my biggest intent is to encourage you to explore natural remedies as this one especially to get to know your body and its incredible functions.

Would you love to give red tea detox a try?  >> Click Here <<

Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts and intentions! I cannot wait to hear from you all!

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